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Mix production line

ligne-de-mélangeOne of our multi-head weighers can mix your own recipe up to 8 ingredients.

This 100% stainless steel line is both hygienic and ergonomic: batch elevators for ingredients, cluster breakers to guarantee IQF, vibratory conveyors for frost removal, and a pneumatic transfer device for the multi-head weigher feeding.

This line enables us to guarantee:

  • Sanitary health (handling is reduce to the minimum)
  • Quality of the mixture (complied percentage of each ingredient in every bag
  • A high production rhythm


Reception and shipment

Cold storage – Logistic

We have 7 cold storage rooms -21°C (16000 m3 total area):

  • Three of them are equipped with STORAX mobile pallet racking. We can store up to 2700 Europallets (addressing followed via our software)
  • Three others are used for mass storage (goods on metallic frames)
  • The last one is mainly used to store orders that are ready for shipping preparation


Stock management

We daily manage dates of entry, best before dates, locations, FIFO, traceability, inventories…