Finished products we can do:

  • IQF Whole fruit or vegetable
  • IQF dices or slices
  • IQF puree pellets


Depending on their characteristics and on your requirements do vegetables go through different processes such as:légumes

  • Washing
  • Mass freezing in cold storage
  • Peeling
  • Cutting, slicing
  • Blanching (Steam or water)
  • Puree extraction (hot or cold)
  • Deep-freezing : in flow-freeze or contact freeze (dices, slices, puree pellets…)
  • Mixture of deep-frozen ingredients, according to your recipe
  • Packaging

Other processes are available according to your specifications.
From small series to large volumes of classical transformation to the more exotic, whatever your project, consult us. We will offer technical and economical solutions to meet your most simple requests such as more elaborate.


fruitsProcesses will depend of both specification and product itself.

  • IQF Whole fruit or vegetable
  • IQF dices or slices
  • IQF fruit mix
  • IQF puree pellets
  • IQF apricot halves
  • IQF frozen pulp

Other products can be processed according to your needs